siXsiXsiX Electric Guitar

Yeah, after a long and hard time of work I finish the first customized electric Guitar for my Label siXsiXsiX. Everybody who knows me, knows, that i´m fascinated by the darkness. so, it´s not a surprise, that the first siXsiXsiX-Lady will be a dark organic guitar. I hope, you enjoy it. :)

Have a nice weekend. Best, Mike

turntable - 17. Mar, 13:00

looks great!
keep it going, man.
best wishes

aohmezyy (guest) - 9. Sep, 00:52


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dertrickzer - 17. Mar, 13:41


... a lot for your nice comment. :)

turntable - 18. Mar, 13:09

nothing but the truth.

great look

It really looks great! Keep on developping your ideas.... I wish you all the best!

dertrickzer - 10. Apr, 00:55

thanks a lot EGF! :) and the next siXsiXsiX custom e-guitar will coming this summer. so stay tuned, hehe. :)
Ibebeebo (guest) - 9. May, 14:07


That is one nice Guitar! Nice work!

fridy (guest) - 10. Oct, 19:44

great work

sixsixsix really rocks man...

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